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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Philgrafika Portfolio Meeting

Today the participating member of the selection committee met for the first time for two years to choose the artists for the "2011 Philadelphia Invitational Portfolio". This will be the ninth year Silicon has been involved with this project which is basically a fund raiser for Philagrafika ( but also an opportunity for us to make some cool prints and push the envelope a little.

Shown above (from left to right) are Zach and Jenn from 2nd State Press - we are excited to have these "newbies" on the team, Cindi from C.R. Ettinger Studio, Amanda from the Borowsky Center at the University of the Arts, Rebecca from Philagrafika, Roman from Space 1026 and Mary-Anne from the Fabric Workshop. I was taking the picture with my cell phone.

It may look like fun but after 6 hours of going through images from over 40 submissions and trying to pare it down to 6 artists it was hard work. The chosen will be announced in a few days and I sure we will make another stellar portfolio. You can check out past portfolios on Philagrafika's web site and if you want to beat the rush and pre-order the 2011 portfolio I am sure Rebecca would be happy to take your order!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project Basho Onward Photography Show

I went to Project Basho for the first time last Thursday for the Onward Photography Contest Show.  I really like Virginia Blachere's photos from her series 'Urban Cool Down'.  I started a series in the Czech Republic photographing people at the pools, lakes, and rivers.  She gave me some ideas to do something similar in Philly!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rosenfeld Gallery - February, 2011

Early Sunday afternoon, freezing cold and we bump into Elaine Crivelli, down from New Hampshire for the weekend, crossing paths, we - on our way to The Rosenfeld Gallery at 113 Arch Street, and her leaving. The subject of our interest is a retrospective of work by Stephen Robin which contains many sculptures along with some prints by Silicon, mounted on Dibond, which seem to float off the wall.

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First Friday, February 2011

Lot's o' stuff going on on First Friday and some with our very own prints. We are taking a little hiatus until April with our own First Friday so we took the opportunity to check out a couple of other places for a change.
Curiously Hollandia International - the trendy bed showroom on 3rd street in Old City - has some great work from Jen Hallden-Abberton. Really cool large scale photo's (digital images), which are composits from many images.

From Jen's show at Hollandia we went to Ven and Vaida ( a relatively new jewelry boutique and gallery at 18 South 3rd Street where Atom Gunn has turned their store into a kind off hip supermarket a la Warhol with boxes and cans of things that you really want!

The boxes and canned goods are perfectly crafted and where else can you buy a can o' art (or is it an art o' can) for only $29.99!  

The jewelry is a little more expensive and I had to remind Sabrina that we were late for our next stop before Valentines day would inevitably come up.

Successfully leaving behind the shiny pretty things we went on to The Locks Gallery where our good friend Jane Irish has a large show of work including this spectacular painting "The Conversation" which is 42" high by 30 feet long. Sadly none of our prints here but still worth a visit.

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