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Friday, June 17, 2011

CFEVA at the Icebox

©Tim Portlock copyright notice
Tonight we went to the opening of "Construct" an Exhibition by CFEVA Career Development Fellows, curated by CFEVA's Amie Postic. The show was well worth going to with sculpture, paintings and digital images of a very high standard.
I say digital images because Tim Portlock's work is neither painting nor photograph, they are renderings of urban spaces that are vaguely recognisable as real places but only truly exist in Tim's computer. Such is the complexity of the 3 dimensional images that to render them at the size and resolution they are printed at he has to send the files to a supercomputer where they render them at off peak times and then send the huge files back.
We have been working with Tim on his images for some years now and they get better and better. I am sure that at some moment in the near future some fancy New York gallery will pick him up and they will suddenly attain stratospheric prices and he fame and fortune - you heard it here first!

©KImberly Witham - Still Life with Fox and Steak

On the photography side Noah Addis has some really nice images, as did Kimberly Witham - seen here Still Life with Steak and Fox whose work is whimsical and slightly sinister. On a professional note I have to wonder why she have them printed as digital C prints, this is where photographic paper is exposed using lasers, this used to be the way to print color glossy images but inkjet printing, especially Epson's have caught up and overtaken the quality in the last few years. Of course I may be just a little biased :)

The show is up at the Icebox until June 29th.
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