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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Diane Burko at Locks August 20th, 2011

Having a new baby seems to be a relatively easy thing except that everything you do takes several times longer than normal, even the simple act of getting up in the morning; instead of taking 15 - 20 minutes now takes more like an hour and a half.
That's my excuse anyway for not getting to Diane Burko's excellent show at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia sooner than the last day, August 20th.
These photographs echo Diane's better known paintings and are in my opinion her best so far and that's not to diminish her older photographs which are great. It's a shame that they were up at Locks in the summer and not at the more popular spring and fall seasons.
No matter I am sure that Locks would be pleased to show you some of the prints if you were interested and you can check them out on-line at
Of course looking at them on-line does not do them justice, the Internet may be great but looking at tiny images on a computer screen is nothing like the real thing.

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